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Many French students are confused by the French prepositions for time.

The problem is that there are so many different French temporal prepositions with different uses: à, en, dans, depuis,pendant, durant, and pour (although pour is almost never used to express time).

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FMYC 2017 will be a phenomenal event for your youth group June 26-30 at Colorado State University.

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Whether a student is a diehard FMYC regular or a first-time participant, this is a tremendous experience for the teens of your church. When Lead Pastor Mike Wilson arrived in Wenatchee 11 months ago, he found the congregation to be a “multigenerational, multifaceted church that was heavily invested in Christian education” such as Sunday morning Bible studies. Every four years, our bishops and other national leaders gather with all pastors and superintendents in regional meetings to help the local church in tangible ways. will offer insights, training and inspiration to aid you and your leadership team in becoming part of a multiplication movement. We also have lost at least three smaller church buildings around St. Folks who have lost housing are gathering in shelters and hoping the church will help. We drove through an unmarked entrance, down a wooded lane to a house deep in the woods. From Oregon to Georgia we heard the challenges before us but we also heard of … With strong support from the Free Methodist Church – USA and Gulf Coast Conference churches, Takin’ It to the Streets conducted its annual June community outreach event in Shreveport, Louisiana. One of the highlights of this year’s annual conference of the Gulf Coast Conference was assembling first aid kits donated by Pastor Ron Hampton and New Vision Community Church – Shreveport.

The challenge was that the congregation’s 10 to 12 discipleship … STORY BY JEFF FINLEY PHOTOS BY NICOLE RODRIGUEZ The National Prayer Summit 2016 gathered hundreds of Free Methodists from across the United States to the Greenville (Illinois) Free Methodist Church for prayer and reflection on John : “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” The National Prayer Ministry Leadership Team designed the Oct. Those meetings will occur again during the first-quarter of 2017. About 60 people in one room, 60 people gathered around a core mission… Takin’ It to the Streets is the ministry of the Rev. Ron Hampton, a Free Methodist elder who serves as the pastor of New Vision Community Church in Shreveport. The first aid kits provide first-line defense from infection due to cuts, scrapes or burns received by the homeless population or low-income families to reduce doctor visits when some incidents can be treated with … BY DANIEL ZAMBRANO On a recent sunny, pleasant Saturday morning, an excited group of about 20 members of Light & Life Christian Fellowship’s North Long Beach Campus sorted and packed themselves into several vehicles already loaded with boxes of leis, music equipment, “island” decorations, craft supplies and assorted games and activities.

The Missions Committee talked about the idea, and decided to begin Jan.

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Ninety or so minutes later, the small caravan pulled onto the campus of Mountain … This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Vincennes Free Methodist Church in Vincennes, Indiana. Over these past 125 years, Vincennes FMC has developed and supported leaders in numerous countries of the world, including South Africa, Cameroon, Congo, Haiti … BY DAVID WAID Early last fall, Kaye Delamater suggested that Lakeview Free Methodist Church have a fundraiser for missions involving weight loss.

To celebrate this momentous event, a special celebration service will be held at a.m. At the time, several individuals in our church were losing weight, and she thought we could use that as a way to generate funds for missions.