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If you've got the time to be a little picky, the app features reviews as to the level of cleanliness and whether or not you have to be a customer.(Source) Who needs to go to a Tasteful Treasures party and spend a small fortune on a vibrator when you've got a built-in vibrator on your i Phone?While you are thinking about 1001 ways to break a brick on the head of that friend who always comes late or ditches you on a night out, someone came up with a better idea: an app!Lifluf is an app for smartphones that lets you create quotes and add loads of rewards and punishment to those unpunctual friends.The My Vibe app (which is 100 percent free) will utilize your i Phone's vibrator feature in more ways than one.This is probably the first x-rated app approved by Apple—following the introduction of content ratings—and the first vibrator.If you're dying to know how you compare with others in the bedroom — there's an app for that!With Passion () your phone will — get this — use your microphone, accelerometer, and other features to determine your "accurate sex score." Just turn on the app before you get down and dirty and let it work its magic.

The emphasis on QUICK comes from the GPS feature that quickly finds the closest restrooms in relation to your exact location.

The next happy hour you organize, you could add an agreement requiring that "those who arrive 15 minutes late pay a round of drinks for those who were on time." The application will automatically debit from his/her Paypal account and credit it to yours, or if you don't have a Paypal, mortify him with a message that will appear automatically on his Facebook wall.

The next happy hour you will hope friends are late!

(Source) This app turns the Android camera into a barcode scanner.

You simply scan a product's UPC code and let the app go to work to find it in Google Product Search or a search on the open Web. This is great for when you're shopping retail and you want to check the price of a product online before buying to make sure you're paying a fair price.Buzz shows you Amazon's hottest bargains of the day and bookmarks them to buy later.

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