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One year, Charlie said he wanted a little brother for Christmas, so nine months later, Evelyn had her second born son, Alan.

Charlie and Alan's father died of food poisoning, this resulted in the two boys having three stepfathers.

The third, Luther King, an overweight guy whose daughter Charlie seduced.

Charlie has always had a strained relationship with Alan, and would go to all costs to get out of being a good big brother to him.

When Charlie first met Judith, they instantly clashed, and Charlie even bribed Alan with money to not marry her.

At Alan and Judith's wedding, Charlie had relations with Judith's sister, Liz in the coat closet.

As a kid, Charlie once put a toy in Alan's pocket to shop-lift, and when they got caught, he made Alan take the blame.The last time they saw each other was on Jenny's fourth birthday.Evelyn Harper - Mother Frank Harper - Father Harry Luther Gorsky - Ex-Stepfather Don Thomas - Stepfather Luther King - Stepfather Teddy Leopold - Stepfather Marty Pepper - Stepfather Betsy - Ex-Wife Rose - Widow Jenny Harper - Daughter Alan Harper - Brother Unnamed Ex-Stepsister Gloria - Possible Half-Sister Jake Harper - Nephew Louis Schmidt - Adopted Nephew Milly Melnick - Possible Niece Jerry - Cousin Faye - Cousin-in-Law Judith Harper-Melnick - Ex-Sister-in-Law Unnamed Niece-in-Law Unnamed Step-Nieces/Nephews Kandi - Ex-Sister-in-Law Walden Schmidt - Ex-Brother-in-law Mia - Ex-Fiancée Courtney Leopold - Ex-Fiancée Chelsea Melini - Ex-Fiancée Charlie was conceived by Evelyn and Frank Harper, and when Evelyn saw the ultrasound, the doctor said she was having a daughter because there were no signs of male genitalia.Evelyn gave birth to Charlie after seven and a half months.

During the late 1980s or early 1990's, Charlie slept with a woman he never spoke to again, and had a daughter named Jenny.Although Charlie was never in her life, he did send checks to Jenny's mother every month to support her.

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