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Input.mouse Is Down && will Shoot) { // If the player release the button when the bird is ready to be shooted shoot(); } else if (Input.mouse Is Down && state == "shooting") { // If the bird is shooted and the player press the mouse button will Reset = true; } else if (!

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We will add some very simple interactions like: shooting, repositioning. Event; import flash.utils.*; import *; import Box2DAS.*; import Box2DAS. Input.mouse Is Down && will Reset) { // If the bird is shooted and the player release the mouse button reset(); } } /** Prepare to shoort method */ private function shoot():void { trace("shoot power:", power); // The bird will be moved by the physic engine with type: Dynamic type = "Dynamic"; // Get the impulse force var power X: Number = - power * Math.cos(angle Radian); var power Y: Number = - power * Math.sin(angle Radian); // Aplly the impulse force b2body. Get World Center()); // Switch state to shooting state = "shooting"; } /** Prepare to shoot method */ private function prepare Shoot():void { // Get the mouse position in the world Movie Clip var mouse: Point = Input.mouse Position In(world); // Get the distance between the mouse and the bird var distance Mouse: Number = Point.distance(mouse,new Point(x,y)); // Limit the distance to 150px in order to limit the impulse force if (distance Mouse > 150) { distance Mouse = 150; } // Set the boolean will Shoot to true will Shoot = true; // Convert distance Mouse to impulse force power = distance Mouse / 13; // Get the radians angle between the mouse and the bird angle Radian = Math.atan2(mouse.y - y,mouse.x - x); // Orient the sprite to the shoot direction rotation = angle Radian * 180 / Math.