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02-Apr-2015 22:45

No matter how a blurry the line may appear, victims should always remember that a relationship involves a mutual respect for one another and that at no time during a friendship or an intimate relationship should anyone "owe" any sexual gratification to another person.No one asks to be raped and no one provokes sexual violence.One common misconception is that rape can't occur between two people that have been friends or intimate before, including husband and wife.The truth is that a rape occurs anytime one person forces a sexual act on another person against their will, regardless of any existing relationship between the rapist and the victim.Pharmaceutical agents such as gamma-hydroxybutrate (GHB), ketamine and rohypnol (roofies) are used to severely inebriate unsuspecting victims.When talking about rape, most people still have a nightmare image of masked assailants jumping out of dark alleyways and dragging their helpless victims down into the depths from which they came.

One of the most disturbing things that some people say about survivors of rape and date rape is that they were "asking for it" by dressing or speaking a certain way or even by drinking too much alcohol.

No matter what happened or what course of action a person chose to take, victims of rape are not to be blamed.

Another frequently heard misconception concerning date rape is that it is a "crime of sex" or "crime of passion." In truth, rape has very little to do with sex or passion.

It is a brutal act of aggression that is performed by individuals as a means of violence, power, and control.

No one ever owes another person sex at any time and as soon as sex is forced upon another person, then a rape has occurred.It can be especially difficult to identify the crime as rape for people that were involved in a relationship.

25 August 2014 – An estimated 70 per cent of new sexually transmitted infections cases are occurring among young people, especially among men who have sex with men, those involved in sex work and those who inject drugs in Thailand, where “social media, online dating websites and mobile application make it much easier for young people to meet others in order to engage in casual sex,” says a new United Nations report.… continue reading »

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