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08-Jun-2015 23:42

He described his predictions for Tuesday's election...

Host: Connie Willis Guest(s): Gerald Celente, Marty Rosenblatt Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 7/4/01 when Linda Moulton Howe, Philip J.

Corso, and Bill Birnes were interviewed live Roswell, NM, about the infamous UFO crash in 1947.

Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time Guest(s): Linda Moulton Howe, Col. Birnes Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his incredible journey searching for evidence of the afterlife via various means including hypnotherapy and past life regressions.

The puffy amphibian was spotted by Simon van Nierop's dog as his family explored the Tokai Forest in Cape Town.

Coast to Coast AM expanded to five full hours of coverage, as the US 2016 election results continued to pour in, and Donald Trump's presidential victory became a reality.

In the first hour, John Curtis, and Howard Bloom shared their commentary and analysis.

Author and columnist Jerome Corsi was featured in hours 2 & 3, with prophecy expert John Hogue in the 4th hour, and Open Lines in our special 5th hour.

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In the first hour, John Curtis, and Howard Bloom shared their commentary... Curtis, Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi, John Hogue In the first half, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist George Hart of the Merlin Project spoke about their software-based forecasting technology in relation to the 'Timetraks' of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Host: George Noory Guest(s): Paul Guercio, George Hart, Joanne Di Maggio In the first half, author and researcher Christian Wilde discussed some of the latest medical research and breakthroughs related to using turmeric and stem cell treatments.He believes that those who have passed on can be contacted for...

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