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04-Oct-2016 08:41

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But we're wrong to think that these and so many other other advances will coalesce as easily as people seem to imagine to create a commercially-available, self-aware, humanoid sex robot.

Sex robots are going to require multiple disciplines to come together because they're not simply mechanized sleeves or dildos.

This type of learning-on-the-go has serious implications for robots, which have difficulty negotiating new terrains, objects and situations.

Likewise, developments in the molding of polymers are revolutionizing the field of soft robotics, allowing robots to better physically deal with real-world dynamic environments and handle objects that fall outside their programming parameters.

It will need machine learning to respond to changes and negotiate situations outside its programing. To overcome the uncanny valley, its movements and expressions will have to be matched to human expectation.Its skin will require nanotechnology to replicate the lifelike lack of uniformity of human flesh, and its eyes will require a different nanotechnology to simulate the wetness of our own.

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