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I say, there’s no better place to start than, well…right at the beginning.In this case, that’s the moment you set eyes on one another for the evening."Ask April" Author of the best selling "Date Out Of Your League" at Ask When it comes to sex, too many guys tend to worry about the wrong things, like size and stamina, and neglect to focus enough energy on the right things. Well, at the top of the list is one thing that happens (or that should happen) before sex even begins—foreplay!Probably more than any other aspect of sex, these pre-intercourse activities are what really gets a girl going.Start with a dry, soft kiss, and pay attention to whether or not she’s digging it.A) What happens after the clothes come off, but before intercourse B) Kissing, caressing, and petting C) Connecting with her emotionally for a significant amount of time prior to sex D) None of the above E) All of the above…and more If you answered “E”, you’re right on the money.

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Confide in her things you don’t normally tell people, and let it be known that you appreciate her listening. Be Physical Here, too, being physical does not mean “being sexual”.Hold her hand, rub her shoulders, squeeze her leg—do anything to simply make contact…without mauling her, of course. Kiss Okay, now we can move into the part you’ve been waiting for. Despite what many of you men apparently believe, we women do not like to have a lot of tongue action right away.