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He shook with rage and just focused his gaze on the ponies and the little dragon in the cage. Likewise Querl Dox left Colu and came to Earth to be a surgeon. Done for the "Everyday hero" weekly April challenge at the Cx B club on deviant Art. But if she was happy with just being friends, why did she still hurt inside?

Can't have a "Book of Life" story without Manolo singing now can you!

Songs used listed inside in author's note as well as a important to the plot note about Joaquín.

Digimon Shaman king Danny Phantom Oban: Star Racers Wolf's Rain Megaman Sonic XRurouni Kenshin X-men evolution Gargoyles Case Closed Fullmetal Alcamesh Ghost in the Shell Teen Titans Justice league Yu Yu Hakusho Inu yasha Pokemonand many other I can't remember or haven't even seen in other words I'm a cartoon freak! Yugi&Atem/Tea, Yugi&Atem/OC or Yugi/Atem Joey/Miadigimon Matt/Sora Ken/Yolie or Ken/OCShaman King Yoh/Anna Len/OCWolf's rain Toboe/OCDanny Phantom Danny/Sam Rurouni Kenshin Kenshin/Karou Sano/Megumi Pokemon Ash/Misty X-men Evolution Kurt/Amanda or Kurt/OCGargoyles Goliath/Elisa Case Closed Jimmy/Rachel Teen Titans Robin/Starfire Beast Boy/Terraand justfor fun Cyborg/Raven Justice league Batman/Wonder Woman Green Lantern/Hawkgirl Inu yasha Inu yasha/Kagome Miroku/Sango Oban Star Racers Aikka/Eva Rick/OCBirthday request of OT3 Manolo/Maria/Joaquín.

Takes place after the movie with some song lyrics inside.

Read as they spend time with their friends and each other as something more than friendship blooms between them. and It's definitely not easy being a teenage speedster! *Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers*A series of unrelated one-shots dedicated to the life and times of the Interceptor crew.

Pretty much from Manolo's perspective with established relationship in movie and building up to OT3.

Tea and Picnics might sound like simple activities but when a certain Draconequus is involved things are never boring.

name: Maho, Ai and Tam take your pickage:17favorite books: Harry potter series, the last book in the universe and romance novels,and mangas!

favorite foods: mashed potatoes, chicken, strawberrys, corn, and shrimpfavorite mangas(that aren't on the t.v yet): Demon Diary D. Angel Petshop Of Horrorschobitsshows I like: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Join Fluttershy and Discord as they learn more about each other from a series of outings between the events of Keep Calm and Flutter On and Twilight Sparkle's Kingdom. But its times like this that we must learn from ourselves, forget about the past and keep moving on. To keep moving forward and learning from the challenges we face." Discord has a little chat with Fluttershy about Forgiveness. He knows Steve Rogers holds the answers, but something is keeping him from directly approaching this man he was assigned to kill.

A series of loosely connected oneshots centered around the relationship of Fluttershy and Discord, set after the Tirek incident. So he watches and waits until he is caught off guard by Rogers himself.

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