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17-Oct-2016 20:38

In a Microsoft KB article I read that in this situation, one must try to manually repair the corrupted files based on the scan output log ().When searching for how to do this, I found this answer, which says that such a large amount of corrupt system-files can only be fixed using an "Inplace Upgrade" or "Repair Installation".Deployed # Added just for testing $Name = "My Share Point.wsp" Write-Host -No Newline "Waiting..." $Solution = get-Sp Solution $Name while($Solution.I mostly do my work in Ubuntu, but every once in a while I have to use Windows.

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To finish the update process I had to reboot and after that a lot of problems showed up!I've been searching in the web for the past three days trying to figure out a solution.I can't run many basic programs, such as IE and sidebar!The errors are missing DLLs, like the following screenshots: I have compared my 'System32' folder with another healthy installation of Windows-7 (32-bit), and I confirm that there are several missing DLLs (like: , ...).

Job Exists) { sleep 5 Write-Host -No Newline "." $Solution = get-Sp Solution $Name } Write-Host "Deployment Completed" Hi Amal, one question from ur post - We are checking Job Exists property for get-Sp Solution command.

Does it checks whether command for getting spsolution details is still running?