Filthy party chat line

23-May-2015 07:04

If I have to sit through one more flat-chested Nova Scotian riding a Mountie on the back of a Zamboni, I'll go oot of my mind.” “Girls are like cartons of milk.

Each one has a hotness expiration date and you've hit yours.

She's about to chase that with a White American.” “Can't talk my way out of a speeding ticket? If I can talk a stripper into paying me for a lap dance, I can talk my way out of a speeding ticket.” “When will you learn that the only difference between my life and porno is my life has better lighting?

” “Trust me when I tell you their universal healthcare system doesn't cover breast implants.

Whatever your style, The Local has compiled a list of the top ten French chat-up lines.

After negotiating a fairly barren mid-90s career-wise (a bit-part role as a Gestapo-esque officer in bug-smashing sci-fi Starship Troopers aside), a narcotic-tinged visit to a burger joint with Harold & Kumar rocketed NPH back into the public eye. Since then, he’s been voted one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and presented the Tony Awards (where he jigged with Mike Tyson).And it’s all thanks to womanising, Scotch-drinking, corporate cheerleading Barney Stinson, the one character in hit comedy HIMYM you’ve never wanted to punch square in the mush.