Filipino chinese dating

01-Jun-2016 09:28

In one of the most prolific cons, the con artist a small group of Chinese men and an English speaking girl post a travel website and put a personal profile for the girl on,, and other dating sites.

The girl poses as a foreigner (usually Filipino) who lives in Guangzhou, Shenzhen or other city in Southern China.

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The con artists provide copies of her ID, Passport and of the Visa she obtained… All money sent to the woman is sent via Western Union, which provides no security to the sending party – no way to stop or reverse a payment and no way to identify the recipient, as they use a fake ID to pick up the money.She then asks for the man to buy a plane ticket through the travel agency she provides.The con artists send a photo of a pretty girl, culled from the web.The victim believes that the person on the other end of the telephone line is the person in the photo. Keep in mind that the scammers get these photos from dating sites, Facebook, blogs and other sources and that the actual people depicted in these photos are innocent.

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She then asks for travel money – needed to show that she can support herself in the receiving country.

This will help with getting a Visa and she will bring the cash with her to give back to the man, when she arrives.