Filipinas dating mindanao

26-Apr-2016 14:52

If you read the foreign embassy travel recommendations for Mindanao, you often see that it is recommended foreigners avoid travel to this Philippines Province. We actually agree with this, and indeed we recommend that in your first trips to the Philippines, you do not go to this province.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE , Australian Government’s Travel Advice on Central and Western Mindanao, and NZ Government’s Philippine Travel Advice .

If you happen to meet someone from Mindanao on our site who you would like to meet in person , you can safely travel to Cebu and insist that she and a family member meet you there in Cebu in your first trip.

Why do we say that Mindanao is not a safe place for a first-time traveler?

There is nothing wrong with learning enough from the article.

In this case you don’t actually need to go there yourself.

Once you have some experience in the Philippines, you may choose to go or not.There are definitely some parts of Mindanao that are absolutely off limits to anyone who cherishes his life.