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16-Mar-2015 15:21

After that open the crane (or remove the clip) and a mug gradually raised to a height of 1 M.

After removing the tip of the patient must hold water for 5 - 10 minutes to wash myself all the departments of the colon.

For cleansing enema take 1-2 liters of warm water (temperature of 25 to 35 degrees).

In spastic constipation better to do enemas hot (temperature 37-42 degrees).

If no special cranes, pipe before tip you can wear clip Mora or Kocher. Contraindications to the formulation of any enemas: acute inflammatory and ulcerous processes in the rectum, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, intestinal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, disintegrating colon cancer, fissures, loss of bowel, sharp abdominal pain during the procedure.

Enemas are used for constipation, different poisonings (food and other), before surgery and x-ray examination of abdominal cavity and small pelvis, lumbar spine and other, as well before use of medicinal and nutritional enemas.

To purifying enemas include mechanized enema, is designed for multipurpose irrigation of the large intestine.

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Good effect enema of the decoction of dried chamomile (1 table spoon on 1 glass of water).

Pour in a Cup liquid rubber tube necessarily fill with fluid (to the receiver had no air) and close the faucet or impose clip.