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•• Reino TBC - Instant 60, rates x7, Drop x4, Oro x3 - Excelente estado. Unsere Systeme sind so aufgebaut das es sich wie im Jahre 2006 anfühlt. Frostmane 255 Fun realm • Custom Leveling roads • Lots of Custom Quests • Custom Instances and Cool PVP content • 700 custom items • Lots of fun custom Events!

Instances, funny questions, balanced items, balanced donors, Pv P & Pv E, Events, 24/7 supports, friendly GMs and expect more fun things, that will make the game more fun. RATED BATTLEGROUND - THE ONLY REAL 4.3.4 SERVER - BEST CATACLYSM PRIVATE SERVER - 4.3.4 AND 5.4.8 REALMS - 12X RATES - 4000+ PLAYERS - DRAGON SOUL - ARENA SEASON 11, 12, 14 - NO LAGG - HIGH UPTIME - SCRIPTED INSTANCES - FRIENDLY STAFF - STRONG WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY - VOTE SHOP - DONATE SHOP Servidor Pv P Blizzlike; Rates x2(momentaneamente); Estancias y campos de batalla altamente funcionales; Migraciones full; Soporte al jugador mas de 20 horas; Staff amplio, diverso y con mas de 5 años de experiencia staff/jugador Mas de 10 años funcionando •• Reino Wot LK - Blizzlike x1 - Diferentes bonus de Exp x3 (Bg-Rdf-Ra F) acumulables. Viele Jahre ist dieses Projekt in Planung gewesen doch nie kam es zu einem Release oder einem aufbau.

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The kingdom Instant Pv P quests with 80 system, tokens system and many other things to discover in the game! Rate X 30 & Zone shop - Zone Hyjal - Zone métier Full support latest patch [623] - content fully updated and working [vignettes and treasures, world effects, scenes, pvp + pve sytems] - Daily improvements and pro dev team - blizzlike experience - Fully working and Balanced Classes - multiple language support - Friendly Staff - NO lag, 99% Uptime Deutscher Wo W Privatserver 3.3.5a | Blizzlike Gaming | Pv E Realm | 2300+ Player online | Arsenal | Große Community | Char-/Gildentransfer | schneller Support & Bugfixes | nette GMs | lagfrei | Pathfinding Roa Wo W is a High-Rate Funserver Server, our aim is to be as close to the original game as possible, but improving the things that are a bit boring on our realm, you will find the following features: Great Stability and Latency Rates: 35x Experience 40x Quest 40x Drop 15x Reputation Vanilla Wo W ist ein Deutscher Classic Server der auf dem Patch (1.12.1) läuft. Deutscher WOTLK Privat Server - Teleporter - Transmog - Starterpaket - Events - nettes Team - Exp x10, Gold x2, Berufe x3, Ehre x2, Ruf x2 - 24 Stunden online - Leistungsstarker Dedicated Root Server - DDo S Protection Serveur Privé(Dédié) avec quatre Royaumes- *Un Royaume Cataclysme version + un Royaume Mists of Pandaria en *Deux Royaumes Version *Un Royaume Semi-fun Dés votre arriver :5000 po + level 30 + 4 sacs Level max et de 100.We will update the dates as soon as official dates are made public.

Enter in a parallel universe, in a world where the chaos has gobbled up the lands covered with blood of Azéroth. •• Todas mazmorras/raids/bg funcionales • Armeria • Anticheat • Transfiguración • Arena... • Stable, Hosted in USA, Low latency, active staff! Including 21+ Races, 12 Classes, Custom Instances, Mo P/Cata Content, Custom Events, New Quests, Epic balanced gears, New spells, and more! Added mob level scaling depending on the character's level in new locations.

You who are the only ones to be able to forge the fate of this kingdom, you, Brave warriors, magicians, Come in large numbers and get up proudly against this new threat which rages ! [3 Custom Classes Demon Hunter and Invoker and Necro] [Progressive 255 and Classless Realms] [8 New Races, Naga, Vrykul, +] [Entirely New World] [ALL Expansion Content] [Solo Content + Raid + Pv P] [Professional Dev. Join now at [Purity Wo W][Arena Season Rankings] [ALL Battlegrounds work] [Lag-free][Great Uptime] [Pv P and Arena Titles] [Scripted Instances] [Balanced Pv P] [Vote and be Rewarded] [Rates:17x Xp 22x Quest 20x Drop 16x Rep 22x Gold 3x Honor 3x Arena] BLIZZLIKE HIGH CARACTER TRANSFER FROM OTHER PRIVATE SERVERS EVERYONE HAS HEIRLOOMS TO START LEVELING AND 100 SPEED FREE LEGENDARY BLACK AQIRAJ BATTLE TANK GAIN HONOR DUELING YOUR HEALTH AND COOLDOWNS AFTER B4 DUEL PVP TOKEN SYSTEM PVP TOKEN REWARD SYSTEM X7 EXP RATE X5 RATE REPUTATION X5 GOLD PROFES Private Server 100% Free 2 Play. Join Today the open Alpha and enjoy testing the world with us. Wow Ysera: Página Web: Para registrarte: Realmlist: Set realmlist Promociones activas:wowysera.com/foro2/viewtopic.php?