Facebook mobile news feed not updating

24-Sep-2015 16:35

Facebook confirmed to Mashable that it's testing the new, sectioned news feed, in addition to the current format, though it's unclear if the feature will ever get an official launch.While the feature being tested isn't entirely new — we've seen some versions of topic-focused feeds in the past on i OS — the format revealed in the latest Android-based screenshots haven't quite been seen before.“There's no ‘two friends in common’ label or anything like that.It would also certainly encourage users to get more news from Facebook rather than other sources like Twitter or Google News.“There’s a lot more content now with multiple feeds, instead of one,” Tom Critchlow, a marketing consultant who posted images of the revamped feed to Twitter, told Mashable.“As for the news and sports feeds, they have posts from my friends too and it feels very much more like a news aggregator rather than a personal space.” There's also a tool to edit which feeds you'd like to see — meaning if you weren't into Sports, you can remove it from the categories and include things like Music or Animals & Pets instead.Out of the gate, however, all topics are turned on by default, Critchlow said.In a move that could be the biggest thing to happen to the Facebook news feed since it was introduced, it appears the social network is quietly testing a massive revamp that will add a lot more news to the feed.

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After tapping one of the sections, such as World & U. News, the news feed updates to news articles that are related to the topic.

In theory, this news reader-style approach takes users to all of the news they care about, housed in one massive hub.