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26-May-2016 13:30

But as their world becomes smaller and smaller and they are forced to make life and death decisions, Eva and Nell form a bond that is not only necessary for them to survive, but for them to believe they can.

We spoke with Evan Rachel Wood about working with Ellen and Patricia, as well as her new role in the upcoming film Westworld and her new musical duo, Rebel and a Basket Case.

, the out actress has proven that she can make any character own, stealing every scene with her captivating ability to be both recognizable while also becoming the fully-realized person she is playing on screen. Written and directed by out filmmaker Patricia Rozema, the thriller follows sisters Eva (Evan) and Nell (Ellen Page) as they find themselves alone in their house in the forest, 30 miles from the nearest town.

A slightly futuristic story adapted from the 1997 Jean Hegland novel of the same name, As Eva, Evan is a focused dancer, intense in her connection to their late mother, and not incredibly close with her Harvard-bound younger sister.

The movie’s hard for me to watch now because it’s like I miss them, because we just got so deep in it, and we didn’t have a lot of time to film it, so there wasn’t a lot of down time. Even though Ellen and I still see each other all the time, and we’re still friends, we still sobbed uncontrollably at the end because it was in this capacity, in this world, as these people, it was it and it was so special. There’s usually like one kind of lead female role in movies, and I always make a joke that I’m the Wendy to the Lost Boys because I’m the one girl in this sea of dudes.

After Ellen.com: So what did you know about the story before Ellen sent you the script? The only disclaimer I got was “It’s intense; some intense things happen to your character, just be ready.” I was like “OK.” And there were even some things that didn’t end up in the final film.

I was just blown away and just flattered that Ellen thought of me and trusted me to do this role.

Evan Rachel Wood knows what it's like to be a budding teenager in Hollywood, trying to figure out which direction to take. And one path lead her right into a romance with musician, actor and artist, Marilyn Manson, when she was just 19 years old.