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The Eskimos joined in on the trend, becoming a traveling team (assumably representing the far northern states) and allowing themselves to play a far longer season than the Kelleys did.

After one home game at the beginning of the 1926 season, the Eskimos never played in Duluth again.

The team renamed themselves Ernie Nevers's Eskimos in response to these developments.

The 1926 NFL season saw an increased emphasis on traveling teams: the Los Angeles Buccaneers represented the West Coast, the Louisville Colonels represented the Southeast, and the Buffalo Rangers represented Texas and the Desert Southwest.

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After being a traveling team during most of their time as the Eskimos, they withdrew from the league after the 1927 season.(Assuming the league would have implemented a tiebreaker, it would be assumed Cleveland would have been given the title anyway, seeing that the Bulldogs played more games.) The contemporary percentage used to rank teams in the era, wins divided by the sum of wins and losses, put the Kelleys in fourth place.The Kelleys lost their name sponsorship in 1926, but signed star running back Ernie Nevers.The team finished in the middle of the NFL standings in 1926, prompting the Eskimos to continue the traveling team setup.

The Kelleys, residing in the northernmost city in the NFL at the time, had the disadvantage of not being able to play at home during late November and early December, due to the harsh winters in northern Minnesota.This meant that Duluth either played unusually short seasons (they played only 16 games in three years as the Kelleys—seven in 1923, six in 1924 and three in 1925) or had to play on the road (as the Eskimos did, which allowed them to have much longer schedules).

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