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21-Dec-2015 18:52

Both the INFJ and ENFP will feel instant attraction to each other. The INFJ wants to be understood and needs help coming out of their shell because they are the most rare personality making them feel constantly like their ideas and feelings don't fit in with the rest of the way the group feels.The INFJ also struggles with being quiet because their dominate function is introverted intuition -- their first objective is to take information introspectively.There may be some reasons that the two will have a falling out, but to be honest -- the two intrinsically understand each other and balance each other out.For every Myers Briggs personality, there's a counterpart that makes an almost perfect fit. Relationships struggle if people don't have similar functions, or dominate functions that guide them.The ENFP and INFJ will instantly have a connection.This connection should be something that will last for a long time whether years of friendship, business partnership, or love.

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The ENFP on the other hand feels a strong Fi-Si loop that they can stuck in.The ENFP is the champion and is wanting constantly to involve people, spread ideas, and get things in motion.