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chithrani elucidating the uptake of nanoparticles in tumorlike environment hypoxic journal of colloid and interface science communications 1 5761 2014.The service is similar in scope to End Note or Ref Works or any other reference manager like Bib Te X, but it is a social bookmarking service for scientists and humanities researchers. this paper is featured in nanotech web faculty of 1000 journal of material today and national cancer institute web site. The NPs exocytosed out of the cells in a linear relationship to size.This was different than the relationship between uptake and size. chan determining the size and shape dependence of nanoparticleuptake into mammalian cells nano letters 6 662668 2006. acs publication is declared this paper as one of the top 20 most cited articles. These studies will also have implications in determining nanotoxicity.

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chithrani intracellular behavior of nanoparticles based on their physicochemical properties diverse application of nanotechnology in biomedicine chemistry and engineering igi publishing 2015. Catalysis reaction kinetics and inorganic reaction mechanisms.Furthermore, we developed a mathematical equation to predict the relationship of size versus exocytosis for different cell lines.These studies will provide guidelines for developing NPs for imaging and drug delivery applications, which will require controlling NP accumulation rate.

PMID: 17465586 We investigated the mechanism by which transferrin-coated gold nanoparticles (Au NP) of different sizes and shapes entered mammalian cells.We determined that transferrin-coated Au NP entered the cells via clathrin-mediated endocytosis pathway.