Egg quad updating discriminator

26-Oct-2015 20:49

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The said update requires players to own an Android version of at least 4.4.But of course, the studio doesn't only mean to enhance the above-mentioned fans noticed that the tracker tends to get updated more often than ever.tool, in its most organic, is a wearable tech that allows players to hatch eggs and catch monsters a lot easier.And take note: both of these can be done without having to use the mobile phones.Another change in this update will be noticed while looking at the list of Pokémon you’ve caught in the wild, the game will now display the Pokémon’s type in the information screen: In a previous update, Niantic brought type bonuses to Pokémon GO, which help boost your odds of catching Pokémon of certain types if you’ve caught a lot of them already, and now with this new feature you can more easily discern what type a Pokémon is after you’ve caught it for education purposes.The rest of the changes are minor for the most part, but they’re changes nevertheless.

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There's even a report about the game being recorded at a distance of 20 to 30 seconds, dramatically changing the direction of a particular movement.Anyone who’s using the Pokémon GO Plus wearable accessory can now see a low battery indicator when the battery level gets low and text fixes have been implemented throughout the game to improve legibility in certain interfaces.

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