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Rowsell and Maureen Walsh Rethinking Management : Thought to Better Understand Critical Management; Issues, Elizabeth Margaret O'Brien Rethinking schizophrenia in the context of normal neurodevelopment, Vibeke Catts, Samantha Fung, Leonora Long, Dipesh Joshi, Ans Vercammen, Allen Katherine, Stu Fillman, Debora Rothmond, Duncan Sinclair, and Yash Tiwari Re-thinking the Death of Jesus: An Exegitical and Theological Study of Hilasmos and Agape in 1 John 2:1-2; 4:7-10, Toan Do Link Rethinking the Italian Liberal State, Nicholas Carter Rethinking the relationship between Christianity and world religions, and exploring its implications for doing Christian mission in Asia, Jonathan Tan Retirement : what will you do? A narrative inquiry of occupation-based planning for retirement: implications for practice, Alana Hewitt, Linsey Howie, and Susan Feldman Retirement : what will you do? Kerr Risk of organism acquisition from prior room occupants : A systematic review and meta-analysis, B.

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Johnston and Tim Gabbett Repeating patterns : Strategies to assist young students to generalise the mathematical structure, Elizabeth Warren, Jodie Miller, and Tom Cooper Reperfusion and outcomes in Penumbra vs. Labone Link Stereotypes may not apply : a survey of New Zealand mental health consumer's health behaviours compared with the general population, Brian Mc Kenna and Dominic Madell Link 'Sticking to a healthy diet is easier for me when I exercise regularly' : Cognitive transfer between physical exercise and healthy nutrition, Lena Fleig, Rudolf Kerschreiter, Ralf Schwarzer, Sarah Pomp, and Sonia Lippke Stigmatising the Mentally Ill, Paul Mc Donald and Cecelia Winkelman Link Stigma Toward Mental Illness : A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Taiwanese, Chinese Immigrants to Australia and Anglo-Australians, David Mellor, Lucy Carne, Yu-Chun Shen, Marita Mc Cabe, and Liwei Wang Stigma toward mental illness : A cross-cultural comparison of Taiwanese, Chinese immigrants to Australia and Anglo-Australians, David Mellor, Lucy Carne, Yu-Chun Shen, Marita Mc Cabe, and Liwei Wang Still framing history : An Australian suburban idyll, Diane Charleson St Joseph's Island : Julian Tenison Woods and the Tasmanian Sisters of St Joseph 1887-2012, Josephine Brady Stock market and tax revenue as determinants of economic growth : Panel data evidence from developing Asia, Sisira Colombage, Svetlana Maslyuk, and Roshaiza Taha Stock market, tax revenue and economic growth : A case-study of Malaysia, Roshaiza Taha, Sisira Colombage, and Svetlana Maslyuk Stock trading with cycles : A financial application of ANFIS and reinforcement learning, Z. , Robin Kramar and Emma Parry Link Strategic Partnerships in ICT :a model of Professional Development shifting the focus of ICT as a vehicle for learning, Karen Joy Mc Lean, Susannah Elizabeth Mc Namara, and Mellita Mary Jones Strategies for the use of deception within romantic relationships, Alexandra Elizabeth West and Barry John Fallon Link Strategies for the withdrawal of humidified high flow nasal cannulae (HHFNC) in preterm infants, Raymond Farley, Luke Jardine, and Judith Hough Link Strategies that facilitate participation in family activities of children and adolescents with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities : Parents' and personal assistants' experiences, Anna Karin Axelsson, Christine Imms, and Jenny Wilder Link Strategy as leadership : an alternate perspective to the construct of strategy, Scott Eacott Strength and power profiling of athletes : Selecting tests and how to use the information for program design, Michael Mc Guigan, Stuart Cormack, and Nicholas Gill Strengthening religious identity in Christian schools, Helga Neidhart and P. , Kay Kimber and Claire Wyatt-Smith Link Student difficulties in abstracting angle concepts from physical activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore, Anne Prescott, and Paul White Student Engagement in the Middle Years : Describing Influences and Possible Teacher Actions, Vaughan Prain, Peter Sullivan, and Andrea Mary Mc Donough Link Student experiences of domestic violence : Assessment and response, Judith Ann Wright Student feedback : A learning and teaching performance indicator, Shelley Kinash, Vishen Naidu, Diana Knight, Madelaine-Marie Judd, Chenicheri Nair, Sara Booth, Julie Fleming, Elizabeth Santhanam, Beatrice Tucker, and Marian Tulloch Student or Scholar? , John Leslie Barlow Teenage boys' perceptions of the influence of teachers and school experiences on their understanding of masculinity, John Robert Lee Teenagers and reading in school : Some observations on Australian senior secondary English reading lists, Donald Carter Link Teilhard's Vision as Agenda for Rahner's Christology, Denis Edwards Telephone support to rural and remote patients with heart failure : The chronic heart failure assessment by telephone (CHAT) study, Henry Krum, Andrew Forbes, Julie Yallop, Andrea Driscoll, Jo Croucher, Bianca Chan, Robyn Clark, Patricia Davidson, Luan Huynh, and Edward Kasper Television viewing and low leisure-time physical activity in adolescence independently predict the metabolic syndrome in mid-adulthood, Patrik Wennberg, Per Gustafsson, David Dunstan, Maria Wennberg, and Anne Hammarstrom Television viewing time and mortality : The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study (Aus Diab), David Dunstan, Elizabeth Barr, Genevieve Healy, Jo Salmon, Jonathan Shaw, Beverley Balkau, Dianna Magliano, Adrian Cameron, Paul Zimmet, and Neville Owen Television viewing time and reduced life expectancy : A life table analysis, J . systemic tissue plasminogen activator clinical trials, Andrei Alexandrov, Peter Schellinger, Maher Saqqur, Andrew Barreto, Andrew Demchuk, Marc Ribo, Marta Rubiera, Vijay Sharma, Ioannis Heliopoulos, Anne Alexandrov, Carlos Molina, Georgios Tsivgoulis, and Georgios Tsivgoulis Link Replicating distinctive facial features in lineups : Identification performance in young versus older adults, S Badham, K Wade, 2, Natalie Woods, and Elizabeth Maylor Reporting of dietary control frameworks in studies on simvastatin efficacy, Shawn Somerset Reporting of suicide by the New Zealand media, Katey Thom, Brian Mc Kenna, Gareth Edwards, Anthony O'Brien, and Ivana Nakarada-Kord Link Reporting rates of bird species in remnant woodland vegetation plateau three years after drought breaks, Murray Ellis and Jennifer Taylor Report of a case of neonatal malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) in Nigeria, Oyebola Fasugba Link Report of an evaluation of a Nurse-led Dementia Outreach Service for people with the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia living in residential aged care facilities, Sally Ann Borbasi, Elizabeth Emmanuel, Brona Farrelly, and Jayne Ashcroft Link Re-positioning as a response to government higher education policy development :an Australian case study, Ruth Webber and K. O'Dwyer Safety and outcomes of intravenous thrombolysis in stroke mimics : A 6-year, single-care center study and a pooled analysis of reported series, Georgios Tsivgoulis, Andrei Alexandrov, Jason Chang, Vijay Sharma, Steven Hoover, Annabelle Lao, Wei Liu, Elefterios Stamboulis, Anne Alexandrov, Marc Malkoff, James Frey, and James Frey Link Safety and Privacy Outcomes From a Moderated Online Social Therapy for Young People With First-Episode Psychosis, John Gleeson, Reeva Lederman, Greg Wadley, Sarah Bendall, Patrick Mc Gorry, and Mario Alvarez-Jimenez Safety and tolerability of early noninvasive ventilatory correction using bilevel positive airway pressure in acute ischemic stroke, Georgios Tsivgoulis, Yi Zhang, Anne Alexandrov, Mark Harrigan, April Sisson, Limin Zhao, Mary Brethour, Luis Cava, Clotilde Balucani, Kristian Barlinn, Damon Patterson, Sotirios Giannopoulos, Jennifer De Wolfe, and Andrei Alexandrov Sagittal plane bending moments acting on the lower leg during running, Affendi Phuah, Anthony Schache, Kay Crossley, Tim Wrigley, and Mark William Creaby Sagittal plane joint loading is related to knee flexion in osteoarthritic gait, Mark Creaby, Michael Hunt, Rana Hinman, and Kim Bennell Sailing, flow, and fulfillment, Stephen Matthews Sailing in stormy waters : Archbishop Matthew Beovich and the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide in the 1960s, Josephine Laffin Sailing into Stormy Waters : Archbishop Matthew Beovich and the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide in the 1960s, Josephine Laffin Link Sailing-trading livelihoods in Southeastern Indonesia : Adapting to change, Michelle Carnegie Saints in the Catholic Tradition, Josephine Laffin Salence Fragment, selected exhibition, Belinda von Mengersen Salence Fragment, selected exhibition, Belinda von Mengersen File Salmo 147, Maeve Heaney Salon des Refuse : The Alternative Wynne and Archibald selection, S. Ervin Gallery, Jeannette Siebols Salon des Refuse : The Alternative Wynne and Archibald selection, S. Ervin Gallery, Jeannette Siebols Satisfaction with service needs among people living with multiple sclerosis, Marita Mc Cabe, Katherine Ebacioni, Rex Simmons, Elizabeth Mc Donald, and Lisa Melton Satisfactory learning opportunities for 'multi-sensory learning' with educational software systems, Peter Chan and Girija Krishnaswamy Satisfactory learning opportunities for 'multi-sensory learning' with educational software systems, Peter Chan and Girija Krishnaswamy Scaffolding by peers through reciprocal dialogue on bulletin boards, Catherine Mc Loughlin and Joe Luca Link Scaffolding conceptual learning in mathematics with technology enhanced pedagogy : A preliminary evaluation of student engagement with screencasts, Catherine Mc Loughlin and Birgit Loch Scaffolding strategies for teaching introductory programming, Theda Thomas, Christopher Vinod D'Souza, and Alanah Lucille Kazlauskas Link Scaffolding the mathematics learning of low-attaining students through whole class discussions, Sarah Ferguson Scenarios Revisited, Peter Burgess Scenarios Revisited, Peter Burgess Link Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue : An Asian Perspective, Kee-Fook (Edmund) Chia Schizophrenia-like topological changes in the structural connectome of individuals with subclinical psychotic experiences, Mark Drakesmith, Karen Caeyenberghs, Anirban Dutt, Stanley Zammit, C John Evans, Abraham Reichenberg, Glyn Lewis, Anthony David, and Derek Jones Link Scholarship as Emergent Labour : Higher Education Teachers in TAFE and the making of Scholarship, Fleur Goulding and Teresa Seddon School and classroom environment of a small Catholic secondary school, Paul Kelly School-based initial vocational education in the Republic of Ireland : the parity of esteem and fitness for purpose of the Leaving Certificate applied, Jim Gleeson and Joanne O'Flaherty Link School-based physical activity does not compromise children's academic performance, Yasmin Ahamed, Heather Mac Donald, Katherine Reed, Patti-Jean Naylor, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, and Heather Mc Kay School board governance in urban low-socio economic setting: a case study of public primary schools in Kibera, Kenya, Tom Mboya Okaya School community leadership : The perspective of primary school principal, John Graham and Veronica Gayle Spry Link School leadership and strategy in managerialist times, Scott Eacott Link School leadership preparation and development in Africa : A critical insight, Scott Eacott and Gladys Asuga School leadership preparation and development in Kenya evaluating performance impact and return on leadership development investment, Gladys Asuga, Scott Eacott, and Jill Scevak School life and adolescents' self-esteem trajectories, Alexandre Morin, Christophe Maiano, Herbert Marsh, Benjamin Nagengast, and Michel Janosz School life and adolescents' self-esteem trajectories, Alexandre Morin, Christophe Maiano, Herbert Marsh, Benjamin Nagengast, and Michel Janosz Link School-linked sexual health services for young people (SSHPY) : a survey and systematic review concerning current models, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and research opportunities, J. Carlin Strengthening the intersections between secondary and tertiary education in Australia: building cultural capital, Kate Hughes and Claire Brown Stride dynamics, gait variability and prospective falls risk in active community dwelling older women, Kade L. : Transforming identities through a research writing group, Carly Lassig, Lisette Dillon, and Carmel Diezmann Link Student perceptions of quality in online pedagogy :implications for design, Catherine Mc Loughlin Link Student perspectives on the quality of pedagogical engagement in a transnational academic program in Singapore, Poulomee Datta, Tania Aspland, and Joy Talukdar Students’ fraction comparison strategies as a window into robust understanding and possible pointers for instruction, Doug M. Lennert Veerman, Genevieve Healy, Linda Cobiac, Theo Vos, Elisabeth Winkler, Neville Owen, and David Dunstan Televisuals, Elvis Richardson Televisuals, Elvis Richardson Telling my Story : Practice Based Research, Diane Marie Charleson Temporal ordering of motivational quality and athlete burnout in elite sport, Christopher Lonsdale and K Hodge Temporal Variations in Fish Catch Using Pop Nets in Mangrove and Saltmarsh Flats at Towra Point, NSW, Australia, Debashish Mazmuder, Neil Saintilan, and Robert J. Anderson, and Jason RB Dyck The Alberta Heart Failure Etiology and Analysis Research Team (HEART) study, Justin Ezekowitz, Harald Becher, Israel Belenkie, Alexander M.