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24-Aug-2016 05:02

The Left would like nothing more than to channel that revulsion toward legitimate policy debates.Casting conservative policy as beyond the pale is nothing new, and the same pundits might be trying even if the president-elect were John Kasich, but Trump makes the task so much easier.Keeping any distance in the public mind between conservatism and Trumpism — not just checking his executive power, but continually repudiating his demagoguery and standing beside its targets — will require a Herculean effort in the coming years. But we should try, most importantly because it is the right thing to do., If doing the right thing isn’t enough, or if it feels politically tenuous, consider it instead a political necessity.An aggressive push is underway to conflate the legitimate objectives of a conservative policy agenda with the unacceptable intolerance, vulgarity, and authoritarianism that Trump brings to the White House.But arriving at the White House alongside those potential opportunities is also Trump’s toxic aura.Further, looking outside the Trump coalition, conservatives should take seriously the feelings of those genuinely upset and scared by what a Trump presidency represents — not the irrational equation of a conservative policy agenda with a “war on women,” but the quite rational interpretation of his success as a slap in the face to various groups.The Obama coalition’s dismissal of “bitter clingers” over the past eight years has proven itself unhealthy for both American democracy generally and the durability of Obama’s own agenda.So let’s do better than they did, again because it’s both right and politically smart.

For instance, just sticking to publications with “New York” in their title: The objective is to tar all conservative policy and politicians with the same brush that Trump himself actually deserves.My Facebook feed is filled with posts from kind, intelligent people who are genuinely devastated that Trump could become president — because of character, not policy.