Dutch dating rules

07-Jul-2015 17:16

Paying for dates was generally considered a masculine behavior.A shift started to happen in the 1990’s when dating became a little more egalitarian.Never offering to pay might show a lack of consideration for the other person or possibly strict traditional values.Although men were still generally expected to plan and pay for dates, women who paid for dates became much more common.In one study, 72% of men had been on a date where the woman paid, and 76% of women daters footed the bill at least once also (Lottes, 1993). Then I asked my friends, “How long do men generally pay for dates if the relationship continues?What I really think is that it doesn’t matter who pays for a date, but behaviors can bring more insight into the kind of person you, or your date, are.

Almost everyone said men in their experience paid for first dates, although most of my women friends added that they reached for the wallet and offered to chip in.The one person who didn’t say “men” said that whoever asked for the date paid (or at least ) for the date.