Driver sd needs updating please use bustype methods ubuntu updating 1970s homes

03-Aug-2015 12:27

The latest current download 12.10 has been verified to work without issues.

Both with open-source and with Catalyst drivers the performance of Unity is slow, especially on a multi-monitor setup.

We suggest you do not do the automatic installation.

There are problems with suspend and resume for versions before v.9 of this driver.

Dynamic frequency switching (depending on GPU load).

Using unity2d or gnome-session-fallback increases performance drastically. Works fine (since 11.10), jack sensing/inserting a headphone will disable the audio output of the internal speakers, so audio will only be heard inside the headphone, which is normal for notebooks.

The only shortcoming is that the mono internal speaker will play left channel audio only, but the headphone does stereo left and right fine.