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02-Feb-2015 18:19

You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." said Jesus in Matthew 24.

You give a tenth of your spices-mint, dill and cummin.but you have neglected the more important matters of the law -justice, mercy and faithfulness.And sometimes they recommend separation until the victim is so miserable that his or her denial will no longer hold up. You just dont say On Monday night we watched a football game and on Tuesday we went to the movies. Also to be found there is a number of the Council on Alcoholism, which can provide further guidance. James Dobson is NOT a member of a local congregation but attends several churches when in town" Confirmed Focus On The Family spokespersons at AM, October 12, 1999 and again at AM October 13, 1999. It appears Dobson has removed himself from from God's Body, and must be treated as a non-believer.-END- PMI 10/13/99AS of August 1, 2000 (Chuck who sought the information from FOTF executives) is saying that "Dr.

God says leave this man alone and stop supporting him until he falls and repents..like Dr. He is deep in denial, and I'm not even sure he's thinking right now. Begging won't accomplish anything, r husband could be dead before he admits he has a problem. They learn how to remove the support systems that prop up the disease and permit it to thrive. tough philosophy to family members who must implement it. No one goes to AA just because nothing better to do that evening. Without the training and assistance of professional support groups, the encounter could degenerate into a hateful, vindictive, name-calling battle that would serve only to solidify the drinker's position.He couldn't make a rational decision to save his life. Indeed, thousands die each year while denying that alcoholics. They are shown how and when to impose ultimatums that force the alcoholic to admit his or her need for help. Everyone there has been forced to attend initially. Al-Anon Family Groups and Alcoholics Anonymous are both listed in local phone books. Teens can go there and share without their parents' permission or knowledge, and its free."Dr. [10/13] I was told the staff are not allowed to give out their lastnames...therefore there are no steward of Christ's authority (local Church Elders) to which Dobson is in Biblical submission according to Matthew 18 and Hebrews 13.