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She is currently using her knowledge of brain chemistry to discuss the neuroscience of business leadership and innovation.

Books Anatomy of Love (February 2016) A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray Learn more Articles Neural Correlates of Four Broad Temperament Dimensions: Testing Predictions for a Novel Construct of Personality The Anatomy of Love website Know Thy Brain, Know Thyself, Know Thy Partner Go to the website developed by Helen and her brain scanning partner, Lucy Brown.

According to recent stats there will be nine million Brits online dating as you read this, with nearly half of adults in the UK having tried finding love through the internet.

Indeed, one in five heterosexual relationships in Britain today are thanks to the 1,500+ UK-based dating sites and apps out there, and this number increases greatly with same sex couples.

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Whilst that sounds a little frightening, it doesn't need to be, as long as you're mindful of this.They often tend to see the people they meet as 'victims', who they can get what they want from.