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24-Jul-2016 18:59

These days people don’t just sign up to mailing lists anymore. Especially if you’re just starting out and no one knows who you are.

Having said that, I’d love to keep doing a monthly giveaway.

If an Opt-in request is unconfirmed, then it can not be verifiied.

Within a year I would be able to collect subscribers!

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The difference between senders of legitimate bulk email and spammers couldn't be clearer, the legitimate bulk email sender has verifiable permission from the recipients before sending, the spammer does not.All bulk email sent to recipients who have not expressly registered permission for their addresses to be placed on the specific mailing list, and which requires recipients to "opt-out" to stop further unsolicited bulk mailings, is by definition Unsolicited Bulk Email, a/k/a "Spam".

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