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Try some of these suggestions if you're in need of help still: How to Write a Dating Profile.Other profile issues include being negative, overtly sexual, self-deprecating, or too picky - our next potential reason.It may not be fair or right, but that's the way the dating world works today.You may also have something in your profile that men find a turn-off; what I hear complained about the most is overly negative or condescending information, such as, "Don't contact me unless you have your *** together".Q: I've been single for a while now, have joined quite a few free dating sites, and I either get matches by people in the US (I live in Ontario, Canada) or from guys that are not in my age range. Or on the other hand, if I send a message to somebody, they don't reply back. "A: The most probable reasons why you aren't getting responses to your dating profile (or are getting responses from the "wrong" kinds of people) are: Let's explore all four of these possibilities a bit further.Frequently - but not always - free dating sites have either limited or lacking search options that either need some massaging to work in your favor, or that make it really difficult for you (and thus potential suitors in turn) to find whatever you're looking for.

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At Plenty of Fish, log into your account and click on the "Mail Settings" tab to change who can contact you, and on Ok Cupid, you'll find what you are looking for under My Account -- many restrictions here, it'll impede some people from being able to contact you or reply to any messages you've sent.Anything you limit here, be 100% sure that it's of absolute necessity to include.In Why You're Not Getting Responses, I've outlined two reasons directly related to your dating profile that may be holding you back: your "tag line", and your profile photo.If you don't have a profile photo posted, this may be the only reason why you aren't getting responses.

I have to assume you are using either Plenty of Fish or Ok Cupid, both of whom have decent search options.However, you'll need to tweak the standard variables to ensure you only get high-quality matches.

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