Dolphin dating template online dating keywords work at home

17-Oct-2016 00:27

This is exactly why a business might choose Boonex Dolphin.Boonex Dolphin is a social media platform that allows creating vibrant, easy to use online communities.The Industry-typical plan differs completely because its price varies as per your selection of basic packages with add-ons and premium solutions.It does not include the basic features that the other two plans come with, which include all Dolphin modules, lifetime updates, and no branding.Dolphin offers a Red 5-based free media server app that is essential for running a few media streaming modules.This can make installation a bit difficult because not all Web hosts support Red 5 by default.As compared to the previous versions of the software, the new version features a better design and clear structure.

Installing Boonex Dolphin is relatively simple through a script.

You only have to download the Boon Ex Dolphin script, upload it to your server, create a database, and run the script that takes you via the installation steps.

There are three plans on offer namely, Standard, Industry-typical, and Prime.

Each of these plans differs in terms of price and features.

It is a self-hosted application that uses PHP and My SQL under the GPL license.

This open source tool was originally designed based on the online dating script "ae Dating" to work on UNIX-based systems but is now updated by Boonex to run even on Windows-based Web servers.