Does age matter in dating

23-Sep-2015 22:57

I’m not 40, so I don’t know what a mature 30 year old acts like, but I’d guess Cooperman’s “maturity” is heavily locked up in that he’s not interested in staying out until 5am chasing coeds.In other words, his maturity is fit to an adult with a job.

The “news” is that Cooperman, at a succulent 30, is 11 years younger than Electra.These two can accomodate each other, sure but no will will know what it’s like to be older until they older.Just because age is a factor doesn’t mean it’s all wrapped in negativity.There are definitely some perspective benefits to dating someone older than yourself.

The relationship was loving but looking back, Walker says age played a huge role, “I was so desperate to prove to him and myself that age didn’t matter that I opted out of age appropriate experiences.He asserted that things like prom and dorm-life were overrated and typical.” It’s easy to follow the lead of someone who’s “been there, done that,” but it’s not always fair.