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19-Jun-2015 21:08

before or after drinking beer, wine, other alcohol.

None of what is written here should be taken as any sort of advice.

Admittedly the question of whether or not it's a good idea to report a rape in the UAE seems to be more of question mark since the complaint is also an admission of committing a crime if the police or courts come to the conclusion that a rape didn't happen.

Whilst being jailed for having sex, after reporting a rape, is a real risk, this particular story sounds like there was an unusual combination of events and circumstances which led to a situation that might not have been exactly the picture painted by the international press.

Whatever anyone thinks about UAE laws regarding sex outside marriage, that is what they are, and there is enough information easily available that any visitor or resident should know sex outside marriage is illegal.

However, the job of the police is to uphold the law, and if someone makes a complaint, then the police will usually feel obliged to act, especially if the complainer is someone who might have more wasta than the police and/or the alleged offenders.A confusing story and court case about an alleged rape that allegedly wasn't a rape in Dubai, made international headlines, mostly with the spin that Dubai is a draconian misogynistic dangerous place to visit for women who are at high risk of being raped, and then jailed if they report it to the police.Kissing in Dubai news, rules, law, is it illegal, news, kissing in public in Dubai.Kissing at Dubai airport, malls, hotels, clubs, bars ...

It is only intended to be an observation of what happens in the UAE based on our experiences of living in the country.The only recommendation we can really give is that you follow the law, and be respectful of UAE culture, especially during Ramadan, and/or outside Dubai, and even more so in Sharjah.