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05-Dec-2015 12:21

All of the female characters were extremely well endowed - not new by any video game practice, but rarely before so much care has been taken into the modelling and animation of female breasts.

It was as if the game took place in some male fantasy universe where gravity followed only the law of tittilation.

The other 50% is pure entertainment." Introduced in 1996, Tecmo's new fighter looked to be little more than a Virtua Fighter clone - which made sense, given that it ran on the same hardware.

Maybe fearing that it would get lost in the crowd, the Dead or Alive crew (later named Team Ninja) decided that they weren't just going to add a little bit of sexiness, they were going to make sure people would take notice.

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It's clear that Tecmo thinks the same way - just take a look at the advertisement for Xtreme Beach Volleyball below, or the infamous "she kicks high" commercial for Dead or Alive 3 (where a bunch of slack-jawed weenies ogle the game in motion.) And, quite honestly, it's unquestionably one of the major reasons behind the game's popularity, as the overall character designs usually were the best looking of any fighting game on the market.

But somehow, against all odds, the game turned out to be good.

There's no shortage of violent conflict in video games, and misplaced titillation is also offered in abundance, but few franchises wear the combination of martial entertainment mind candy and Barbie beauty standard eye candy on their sleeves as openly and unapologeticly as Dead or Alive.

Series creator Tomonobu Itagaki himself stated in a Japanese interview: "The fighting makes only 50% of the DOA series.

While it may lacking the more technical fighting system of Virtua Fighter or the colorful cast of Soul Calibur and Tekken, it more than makes up for it with blazing ferocity.

The Xtreme spin-offs, however drop even the last shred of pretense the main series maintained, and are little more than light dating sims with a bunch of mini games thrown in.

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