Do rocsi and terrence dating

13-Dec-2015 02:49

(All Hip Hop News) Rocsi Diaz, co-host of BET’s 106 & Park, discussed a recent incident with Baton Rogue, Louisiana rapper Webbie, who has been banned from the network.

Webbie was permanently banned from the TV network after he appeared on 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday” segment in October, to promote his new album While Webbie claimed that the ban was due to Terrence J.’s uncontrollable passion for Rocsi, she flatly dismissed the notion of a romantic link to her co-host and placed the blame squarely upon the rapper and his behavior. I have thick skin, but when you are at your job and somebody sexually harasses you, in a manner that is very vulgar and disgusting, I have no shame of sticking up for myself and telling you that you’re improper right now,” Rocsi told NBC’s Peter Bailey.

I think we allow that behavior to happen too much in our society.

It’s ok to speak up ladies and say no i don’t ;ik to be spoken to in that manner.” Rocsi said that she was a fan of Webbie, since she’s from New Orleans and he’s from Baton Rogue.

He continued to diss her, until she finally left off the stage during the 2nd video on the countdown and refused to close out the show. I’m still trippin on his “Why don’t you have a body like Ciara” comment!

I give Rocsi MAJOR props for her self control, because if it was me who he decided to clown on, homeboy would have ran off the stage in tears.

But she was in full support of co-host Terrence J., who proclaimed that the Baton Rogue native was banned from the network.

“People should more so applaud a woman sticking up for herself and the people around her for sticking up for herself, than allowing that kind of behavior to happen.

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He was checking her about how she was stuttering over her words and asked if she knew how to read. UPDATE: BET has copryrighted the video banning all traces of it from the internet and television.

He told her that her breath stunk and she needed a mint, and asked her why she didn’t look as good as Ciara.