Diablo 3 updating blizzard launcher stuck

29-Jul-2015 18:57

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The game will then close but if I click on the game again it will just to the updating blizzard launcher step. In the answers to this question you can see the "-launch" flag which will bypass the launcher update.

This process will also take 15 to 20 minutes but once its done I can start playing the game. I've tried it and it at least doesn't break anything, but it may have side effects.

When it is updating the tools it takes at least a half an hour and sometimes doesnt even work.

When it does work a message box pops up that says failed to update tools.

It may at least be a stop gap, while you figure out the underlying problem.So I decided to pre-download Diablo 3 for the release date.Now you can email the compressed (zip) file to [email protected].This way I have all your logs and can investigate further.

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Whenever it starts up again it scans through all chunks and if any are wrong/missing it redownloads. It will either think it needs updating and never find anything or it will think it is done updating and still need more.

Usually this has something to do with Thank you for your interest in this question.