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03-Jan-2016 03:21

Check Amazon rating » Do you think that some of your Christian traits make you weird? While it focuses on making you stronger in your faith, you learn how to do so without the people you know thinking you are weird.

Check Amazon rating » Bartel challenges his readers to give God five minutes each day, and he believes that by the end of eight weeks you will feel closer to God than ever.

Check Amazon rating » While this book was written in 1999 as a companion to DC Talk’s 1995 “Jesus Freak” CD, the book is still going strong.

The book has dozens of stories about Christians who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their faith – their lives.

“Jesus Freaks” is written in a hip manner, so you can understand why Christians are all called to be Jesus freaks for God.

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Through this devotion, you find His mercy, His love, His holiness, and more.

This devotional also focuses on the things that are important to you like friendships and self-esteem.

Check Amazon rating » As a teenager, you face some tough stuff – suicide, rape, sex, friends, drugs, and more. It takes on the things that matter and helps you make the tough decisions.

Check Amazon rating » Written by your peers, this book puts a new spin on “quiet time with God.” You will see new insights into your daily life.

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Like a good cup of coffee with your best friend, this book strives to bring you a little closer to God every day.

Each day you get a devotional thought, a way to apply it, and a short prayer.