Developing and validating multiple choice tests

06-Feb-2015 12:38

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Such a test usually consists of a number of items that pose a question to which students must select an answer from among a number of choices.Items can also be statements to which students must find the best completion.Multiple-choice items, therefore, are fundamentally recognition tasks, where students must identify the correct response. Especially in introductory classes, it might be wise not to assume that students know strategies for taking multiple-choice tests.Some time spent on test taking strategies may be useful.

When done well, it allows broad and even deep coverage of content in a relatively efficient way.

Though often maligned, and though it is true that no single format should be used exclusively for assessment (American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education , 1999), multiple choice testing still remains one of the most commonly used assessment formats (Haladyna, 1999; Mc Dougall, 1997). The multiple-choice test is a very flexible assessment format that can be used to measure knowledge, skills, abilities, values, thinking skills, etc.