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One looked over the castled heights of Clithero; the woody eminences of Bowland; the bleak ridges of Thornley; the broad moors of Bleasdale; the Trough of Bolland, and Wolf Crag; and even brought within his ken the black fells overhanging Lancaster.

Sir Jeffery.—Is there a justice in Lancashire has so much skill in witches as I have?Nay, I'll speak a proud word; you shall turn me loose against any Witch-finder in Europe.In the valleys there were a few hamlets and scattered cottages, and on the uplands an occasional "booth," as the hut of the herdsman was termed; but of more important mansions there were only six, as Merley, Twistleton, Alcancoats, Saxfeld, Ightenhill, and Gawthorpe.The "vaccaries" for the cattle, of which the herdsmen had the care, and the "lawnds," or parks within the forest, appertaining to some of the halls before mentioned, offered the only evidences of cultivation. Still, in the eye of the sportsman—and the Lancashire gentlemen of the sixteenth century were keen lovers of sport—the country had a strong interest. Grouse, plover, and bittern were found upon its moors; woodcock and snipe on its marshes; mallard, teal, and widgeon upon its pools.

I'd make an ass of Hopkins if he were alive.— To James Crossley, Esq., (of Manchester,) President of the Chetham Society, and the Learned Editor of "The Discoverie of Witches in the County of Lancaster,"— The groundwork of the following pages,— This Romance, undertaken at his suggestion, is inscribed by his old, and sincerely attached friend, There were eight watchers by the beacon on Pendle Hill in Lancashire.Two were stationed on either side of the north-eastern extremity of the mountain.

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