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As a recording, it seems to present a mixed bag with both merits and demerits in the mostly-excellent cast.

Originally Released in 1981, this Piece Has Since Been Digitally Remastered. The Australian Cast Recording of CATS was the third English recoding of the show to be made, and it is by far my favourite.

Features the Classic "Memory" as Sung by the "Grizabella" Character (Elaine Paige). I own the Original Broadway Cast Recording, and I've head the majority of the Original London Cast Recording, but the Australian one has such a fresh, new sound and twist to the excellent songs. That is to say, it has both Growtiger's Last Stand AND The Aweful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles.

Old Deutueronomy has a very different sort of voice (though I quite liked it), and Bombalurina seems to have a bit of a different personallity than one would know from the UK, US, or video productions (but again, I liked her a lot). He was very "vaudville." Quite interesting, but it didn't match Rumpleteazer (Rumpel Teazer) as it should have. I concider myself to be a 'CATS fanatic,' and I can honestly say that it is the best English recording I've heard thus far, and it's worth every cent to purchase it. The voices are far better (with the exception of the U.

The only character I didn't like was Mungojerrie (Mungo Jerrie). S having Ken Page ^_~) Mungojerrie And Rumpleteazer was at a very high standard, the best version of it I have heard out of all the Cats CD's.

Jellylorum has a posatively chipper and bright, young sound; Rumpleteazer (Rumpel Teazer) is absolutely adorable; Sillabub's voice is light and airy; Demeter is so clear and passionate; Grizabella is so strong and full of emotion; and Gus' blantant Aussie accent can't be beat.

Some might find the slight changes in character unsatisfactory.

The Original London Cast Performs the Entire Andrew Lloyd Webber Masterpiece (Based on a Story by T.s.

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Memory is sung beautifully, with a great Grizabella and an even BETTER Jemima. S Jemima AKA Sillabub sounded weak, the Aussie Jemima sounds haunting..she should do.This CD also includes "The Pekes And The Pollicles" The ONLY Engish OST to do so. This CATS cast recording features the original Australian cast.

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