Daytime dating never sleep alone

03-Mar-2015 07:46

Since opening in November 2011, NSA has received rave reviews, including feature articles in The New York Times, Time Out New York, and the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail.

Thousands of NSA hook ups, long-term relationships, engagements and marriages have resulted from the NSA show and After-Party. Alex’s overwhelmingly funny and highly effective sex and dating guide NEVER SLEEP ALONE (Simon and Schuster/.99) was published this year to great critical acclaim.

Singles encouraged to attend alone or with friends and couples are welcome.

Tickets: (Includes a box seat and entry to the exclusive after-party) RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Alex leads her audience through a deliriously funny and wildly entertaining evening.

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Join me and my sexiest friends for the dangerously sexy Tangos Vivos show at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday 11/2 at 8pm.To join me in my box, email Doctor [email protected] Sleep for tickets. If you can’t answer these questions, you urgently need a session with straight-talking sexual evangelist Dr. Put down the dating app and come to Joe’s Pub for a wildly funny and seriously sexy live entertainment experience where the audience laughs, learns and literally hooks up with each other!Ballgowns, tuxes, period costumes or formal fetish wear are a must.We are taking over the boxes, blowing the roof off Carnegie Hall and then heading to the exclusive after-party with the band and dancers (Read: SEXY ARGENTINIANS).

If you’re single and looking to mingle, put on a sexy outfit, grab your rowdiest friends and come to Joe’s Pub for a night of hysterical comedy, onstage speed-dating, random make-outs and the best night of your life.Couples and people in relationships are welcome at NSA, but do take a “Voyeurs” seat in the back, or you or your partner may end up in an onstage blind date or make-out session…