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Italy remains today one of the top wine producing countries in the world regularly contending the position each year with France, followed at a safe distance, by Spain.

A change in Italian’s attitude towards wine together with the increasing popularity of other more casual alcoholic drinks and the recent economic crises have produced a strong downfall in local wine consumption that has left producers seeking for new opportunities abroad.

In the two studied sections, Pennapiedimonte and Lettomanoppello sections, we recognize a series of biozones that integrate with the known biostratigraphy based on large and planktonic foraminifera.

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The obtained biostratigraphic results benefitted from the random occurrence of rich and diversified nannofossil assemblages in chalky sediments, found inside chert nodules and as thin layers, within the dominant calcarenitic lithology of this lithostratigraphic unit.The observed well-preserved assemblages provided a reliable biostratigraphic framework that was completed with the analysis of intervening samples obtained from scattered layers of calcareous marls.In this study, calcareous nannofossils have been used for refining the biostratigraphic classification and chronology of a neritic Paleogene sedimentary succession, outcropping in the Central Apennines (Italy) and belonging to the ,, Santo Spirito Formation".Calcareous nannofossils are typically found in deep-sea sediments, but proved to be consistently present and useful also in these shallow-water deposits.

This precise stratigraphic assignment extends of ~ 2 m. the time lapse of sedimentation of the middle and upper Santo Spirito Fm, previously considered in these sections as limited to upper Bartonian-lower Rupelian.

The obtained more accurate chronology is helpful for an ongoing study addressed to perform a detailed sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the unit, specifically to recognize higher rank depositional sequences within it.

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