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04-Feb-2015 11:30

Ignore her inevitable resistance by holding her body and head in place.Even if she keeps her lips completely closed while you kiss, try to open them with your tongue.Just don’t lie and say you have coke when you don’t because otherwise she’ll throw a tantrum.Celebrity Game: This is when the girl thinks you’re important for some reason.From my experience I can say that girls seem to dig the fact that you’re known, even if in one city, even if it’s for something like banging girls.I’m pretty sure that guys don’t start bands only for the music.Ignore the ones who try to make you feel like a loser.

Baller Game: Roll up to the club looking sharp with your crew.Throw paper in everyone’s face and wait for the girl who likes money to make her presence known. Brazilian Game): You grab a girl in the club, pull her close to you, and have a very basic conversation for one minute (if that) before you try to kiss her.