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08-Jun-2016 17:00

Chestnut is the most common species used for building construction in Central Italy, but the built chronologies are still floating.

This is due to a lack of long master chronologies built for chestnut in these regions and because of the lack of agreement with the very few up to date chestnut curves published for other areas.

No notable correlation was found with beech and silver fir.

Nevertheless, the number of pointer intervals calculated in the site chronologies can be considered rather high in some periods, and the coincidence of maximum and minimum ring width allows the individual curves to be fitted into the mean site chronology.

The results of intraspecific synchronization among chestnut site chronologies are not encouraging.

Chestnut appears to be a suitable species for performing dendrochronological analysis because it forms annual rings, and is a ring-porous species.

The analysis was performed by testing the quality of single master chronologies and comparing the dendrochronological behaviour of trees of the same stand, the crossdating of chestnut chronologies of different provenances, and the interspecific synchronization with oak, beech and silver fir.These trees are the most widespread species in Central Italy and for which reference chronologies have been recently developed - useful for dating purposes.