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28-Jun-2015 03:51

They're always seen as gold-diggers no matter what.Athletes seem to be one of those high-spotlight careers where the men don't necessarily choose companionship with someone whose already famous.It's not that Brad Pitt couldn't find any average working woman who looks twice as beautiful as Angelina Jolie.I'm sure, he found more comfort in settling down with someone who already understands that kind of lifestyle, vs.Sh Xt there's alot that comes with dating professional athletes: the constant traveling & distance, the constant moving, the constant possibility for jealousy, the constant publicity & media (there is NO celebrity on earth that swore the media hasn't affected/changed them), etc.

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Oh man, we're not even going to discuss the negative stereotypes that come with women (ESPECIALLY) who date professional athletes.I'm not even going to lie, those guys can have anything they want & some people can't even knock them for being so arrogant. Well no but think about it, those guys live out most people's dreams (well from a man's eyes). They have access to an unlimited supply of gorgeous an athlete's world, being a womanizer is the "norm." My cousin Robert is in the NFL & when he was 1st drafted, the coaches warned him NOT to get a girlfriend or settle down (if he was already single) until after his career or ATLEAST Until he had played for a few years.They say dating professional athletes is not so easy. (Whether you knew coming in they were already an athelte OR if they started that kind of professional career after the relationship started) Do you think you'd be able to handle all the territory that comes with dating professional athletes or hell, for that matter, ANYONE who would continuoulsy be in the public spotlight? Certain careers bring on certain territories that other careers don't.They say that it takes a special kind of woman/man to successfully maintain a relationship with a professional athlete. There is a HUGE difference b/w dating a mechanic vs. Even though we'd all love to imagine that regardless of our partner's career, we'd still love them & accept them as they are, the REALITY though is that alot of relationships suffer from lack of trust and/or lack of being on the same page as it is.

I think that's also why alot of the women who are with/married to athletes are automatically seen as gold-diggers or opportunists.

If Tiger Woods got with Serena or Venus Williams, no one would call her a gold-digger, BUT if Tiger married some random chick he met at a Las Vegas casino, no one would take her or their marriage [email protected]: Yeah I've heard about this type of mentatlity being the "norm" with professional athletes, especially the men. They are treated like royalty from fans, coaches, friends & basically the whole outside world 3.