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29-May-2016 18:12

I wasn’t really paying J anything, but we’d agreed that after I paid back my parents and some friends of theirs, whatever remained would be ours. I liked the idea of all this, but it was stressful having both our fortunes tied up in how well I hit the golf ball.

When I wasn’t practicing, we’d see movies or find local parks to go hiking.If he hadn’t caddied for me, had instead used his degree to get a real job while I turned pro, would we have lasted? All I can say is that for me, tournament golf is not something I want to ever experience again with a person I love.

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has a fantastic online chart that tells you the exact candle-lighting time for your local city. Rabbeinu Yona took this tragedy as a sign of heavenly rebuke against him; as a way to repair the damage, he undertook to write his famous work Shaarei Teshuva (Gates of Repentance), a Jewish system of introspection and self-improvement. Therefore you say to yourself, "I am becoming more and more serene each and every day." Or even, "I am becoming more and more serene with each step that I take," when you are walking. Some people are "people pleasers." They do things for others to earn their favor and affection.… continue reading »

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They held services in a church on 13th Street and College Avenue until the 1920′s.… continue reading »

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