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16-Jan-2015 13:21

EPIS - Internet Dating Investigation services, we will investigate any case which would help our clients to conduct a due diligence investigation on those individuals that allege to be somebody else, not married or presenting themselves as a different individual or being wealthy.

If you believe a person that you have been seeing is committing fraud, adultery, makes sure you contact one of our internet dating investigators.

But maybe that’s not always the case, depending on where you live and how you’ve been brought up.

with internet dating, we all know that finding love on the Internet can be risky.

Much like a private investigator can guide you to the types of investigations needed to help you determine the person's honesty and integrity.

It has come to our attention that scam artists, predators, rapists of the world prey on those persons whom surf the internet in various self help sites; they particularly prey on persons who display loneliness and despair.

Once the scam artist has gained your trust, they will offer a meeting or make one think that they are having financial or health problems; hence asking or you offering them money.

Marriage infidelity is not something to take lightly – at least, that’s the message that family, friends, church, the media, and other societal observations have forced upon us.Many stories have been told of how cheating can ruin lives.It is very important to never reveal your true identity to anyone whom you do not know; even if you think that you can trust someone.Utilizing the services of a Private Investigator can help you determine the true identity of a person.

Internet dating investigators can help you get to the bottom of these claims and find out whether or not the person is being truthful.If you suspect deception or have had reports of these false allegations, internet dating private investigators will help you.