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24-Nov-2015 18:34

Some dating experts or dating coaches might give you a reason, but most the time you’ll get the answer because you paid them.

My favorite emails are the ones that ask me to be a mind reader.

These emails usually come from women who have already spent countless hours talking to their friends, and speculating about why a man is behaving the way he is, or why he’s giving you mixed signals.

What your friends can do (and probably will) is give you the placebo dating advice effect.

They’ll come up with something that sounds feasible, and you’ll gobble up the advice because your female brain needs to have some kind of answer, regardless of whether it’s the right one.

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So what do you do if a man is giving you mixed signals?

Well, the first thing is you don’t email me because I don’t know this man personally. Don’t torture your friends with the speculation game, and break down every conversation you’ve ever had with this guy, because no matter how many times you phrase and rephrase the conversations, your friends won’t be able to tell you the genuine reason you’re getting mixed signals from this guy.

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I get thousands of emails every week, but you know which ones are my favorites by far?