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08-Jul-2016 09:39

That's the only thing that stops you from doing the things you know you should be doing.And it's because of these two particular dysfunctional thought patterns that your thinking will mess you up: physically different about a man that walks up to a woman and talks to her than the one that doesn't, other than what he is THINKING beforehand.

There's a lot of gold in those key principles.) Let's start by establishing right now what it is that stops you from acting: Yep.QUESTION: I am reading The Dating Black Book and I came to a part where it says that there is no cure for asking girls out. Well, the problem is that I don't have the courage to 'do it'. CARLOS XUMA ANSWERS: Well, the Nike slogan is a little simplistic, but once you understand what is really holding you back, the "just do it" advice is more helpful than you might assume.(By the way, there's a lot more on the topic of motivation in The Dating Black Book.There is no special "talk to women" gene, or a special "approach women" brain cell cluster - or any other special gift that this guy has that you can't develop.

Arguing to the contrary is a major COP OUT that will kill your success with women.

AND to understand this on an even deeper level, the man who doesn't believe in himself actually believes in SOMETHING ELSE - besides himself, like: Etc. And so do the rationalizations and self-esteem head games we play. Tell me, what are YOU thinking when you see a woman you want to talk to? (Except a rude woman who isn't what you want in your life.) Don't place your validation in a woman's hands. Where it slams you in the gut and makes you pace your apartment in utter disbelief. You'll wonder why in the world you were so intimidated at all.