Dating tips men 1930s

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One tip advises you to not “sit in awkward positions,” and definitely don’t “look bored.” The photo shows a girl sitting in a slump and looking quite disinterested.Body language does convey a lot no matter what decade you reside in.Even if you aren’t having a good time, it is polite to be attentive to your date.Another tip advises against public displays of affection.A newspaper or magazine (the source isn’t listed) had these handy tips (complete with pictures of what you’re not supposed to do) for dating women in 1938.Do you think they still apply to dating women in modern times?This isn’t necessarily a tip that modern women would appreciate.

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Proceed, but with caution, and read his body language to find out if he’s a little put off by your approach.

Another tip claims that men don’t want to talk with you about your outfit or topics that don’t interest him -- in fact, work on arranging your chosen topics around what he’d like to talk about.