Dating tips for men texting

12-Oct-2015 16:11

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We'll cover important things like when to first get in touch, what texting habits repel girls and share some powerful texting techniques that will make her crave you.Firstly it's important you understand what NOT to do.

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Give it a read and then I'll share my 5 ultimate texting tips with some fun videos along the way!

A shocking 21% of men still abide by the 3-day rule - a ridiculous rule coined from the movie “Swingers”.

The infographic above reveals that 89% prefer guys to contact them within 48 hours of exchanging numbers.

So...don’t wait until the next day, or the day after that: Text her immediately after getting her number – within fifteen minutes after you meet her is good. Rich."There’s no magic text you can send to make her instantly fall for you, but texts like the above will differentiate yourself from other guys and allow you to continue a fun vibe the next day. 24% of women won’t text you back the next day if you stop being funny.

The rule states that you should wait 3 days to get in contact with a woman you’re interested in.But just because it was in a movie doesn’t make it true.

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